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Avante AMS

Platform for managing subscriber access parameters


Avante AMS subscriber account management system (AAA-server) is an element of OSS. Its primary function is to organize effective interaction between AMS and switching equipment when a subscriber's service or access parameters change. This system allows the subscriber's profile on the equipment to be changed without disrupting his connection. The profile is kept up to date in real time.

The system is used to provide modern managed services to telecom operators. The system provides numerous opportunities if the company commits to managing the services provided to the subscriber in real time.

Key features

Service packages

The system allows to create several service packages, targeted at different subscriber segment groups and switch between them in real time.

Information service

Improving the quality of customer service by promptly providing technical information to subscribers. For example, what the subscriber does wrong at a given moment.

Quota for services

The system allows to configure quotas for different services. In this case, as the quota approaches, the system requests the next quota, reducing the accounts receivable.

Boost option

It is possible to temporarily change your connection parameters in order to receive a limited-time service at the fastest available connection speed.

Unique services

The system enables the creation of unique services and the provision of various packages to subscribers that control the speed of access to various popular Internet resources. Furthermore, when combined with DPI systems, it enables the subscriber to maintain separate tariffs for traffic consumed by these resources.

Speed management

By providing free traffic to popular messengers and video content sites, operators can provide advanced services to their subscribers while successfully competing with the market's largest and advanced companies.

Authorization protocols

The system supports all basic authorization protocols currently existing on the market. The main protocol used on the market is RADIUS in its various modifications, also some major projects use DIAMETER protocol support.

Real time control

All switching of subscriber profiles takes place in real time. When a subscriber's allotted quota is reached, they are automatically deactivated from accessing services.

Profile change

Profile switching can occur automatically in response to certain events in the BSS, as well as manually by the subscriber, for example, through the self-service portal if they purchase an option or enable the "parental control" option.
System architecture

The solution is multi-component, and consists of a set of functional modules:

AMS AAA - the system's core, allowing all other components to collaborate. The technologies employed enable the system to process large amounts of data in multiple independent streams. The entire subscriber servicing working principle is embedded in the system core: authentication and authorization, control of concurrently used sessions, changing subscriber servicing profiles, and timely command transfer for session termination.

IMDG Hazelcast is used for subscriber data distributed storage and operational access. Tarantool, a NoSQL database, is used as persist. Working with various types of equipment necessitates storing a large number of different parameters that define specific types of equipment.

AMS Integration is intended for integration with external company systems. This block includes the exchange and information functions required for quality and timely customer service.

Gateway DHCP is designed to process requests from DHCP clients, searching for a subscriber in the desired AMS_AAA cluster and forwarding responses from AMS_AAA to DHCP clients.

Avante AMS Scheme

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