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Avante PC

Centralized information storage about the company's services and products


Avante PC (Product Catalog) is a single point of preparation and designing the company offers, provided to customers, and subsequently billed in Avante Billing. The system allows to significantly simplify and speed up preparation and introduction of new offers to the market, formation of new packages and performing marketing actions.

The product will be especially useful for companies that actively use various marketing tools and targeted personalized offers to attract and retain customers. It can be telecom operators, banks, insurance companies, marketplaces and other companies that sell third-party services as part of their package offers and conduct independent mutual settlements with customers.

Key features

Faster TTM

Minimizes the time to generate, test, and prepare new offers for sales in the system. Provides marketing services with an intuitive interface that allows you to consistently perform all stages of proposal preparation.


Allows you to conveniently bind the offers for different customer segments prepared in Avante DMP. Subsequently, it allows the company to account for its own profit transparently and easily in the context of the respective segmentation.


Allows creating and maintaining up-to-date convergent market prepaid and postpaid offers, which gives the company an opportunity to expand the ways of service provision regardless of the rules of service accounting in the system.

Setting up services

The system provides a convenient and intuitive interface for configuring the tree of provided services of unlimited nesting. Also, for clarity, the system provides a tree-like display of the service hierarchy and the ability to add certain services to the products under development with inheritance of all their parameters.

Adding parameters

Possibility to expand the set of parameters of the service or any other entity of the system at any time. Parameters can be both references, textual with configurable validation mechanism, and computable.

Step-by-step setup

The system supports step-by-step development of a new offer or promotion. The work starts at the marketing level and includes the assembly of the new product structure, then the work is done at the billing level (setting up the necessary billing rules for the new product) and ends at the service level (command binding).

Setting up accessibility

For each proposal individually configured conditions of availability and compatibility for different categories of customers. This feature allows you to avoid offering your clients services that contradict the logic and the client's experience. Availability customization also allows you to avoid cannibalization of your own base.

Offer priority

Set up the "storefront" priority of the product offers, and promotions created in Avante PC. This setting allows you to organize the "storefront" and display the offers that give the best conversion rate or are important for the company.

Proposal mapping

Adding Avante PC to the company infrastructure allows mapping heterogeneous services maintained in different accounting systems (billing or ERP) and prepare a convergent offer storefront for further display in the CRM system or self-service portal.
System architecture

Avante Product Catalog is built on the principle of division into three logical levels: marketing level, billing level and service level. Logical division is connected with the necessity of working in the system by employees of different departments, which, in their turn, operate with their own data level.

  • The marketing level contains tools for constructing offers and implements a variety of options for allowing or restricting access to certain products to subscribers from different segments
  • Billing level contains a set of objects with the help of which the flexible mechanisms for providing offers (products, services, additional services), embedded in the marketing level, are implemented in the billing model of the system.
  • At the service level, a stock or offer is configured in terms of executing all necessary commands on the switching equipment or in external IT systems.
Avante PC Scheme

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