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Avante DMP

Centralized data storage for analytics and reporting.


Avante DMP analytical data warehouse allows companies to solve problems of collecting, processing and analyzing large volumes of information, building reports or providing this information for further processing in BI systems.

Avante DMP allows to make the intelligent analysis of huge data arrays, quickly form aggregated reports, effectively solve problems of correlation of heterogeneous data, reduce the burden of queries on transactional systems, expand data accounting structures caused by various changes in the organizational structure of the company.

Key features

Collecting and analyzing data

Aggregation and structuring of data from different sources with further processing according to predefined algorithms and the formation of complex analytical and marketing reports


Setting up automatic control of changes in key indicators and calculation and target metrics with the possibility of transferring them to other systems. Generation and automatic updating of data "showcases" for external BI-systems.

Subject orientation

Information in the system is focused on decision support tasks. This information in aggregate form is used to build a "profile" of the customer and allows the other systems to quickly make decisions on the provision of certain services to the customer.

Minimizing information redundancy

The system allows to filter service and other information that is not directly related to client "profile" parameters and leave only the information that is really taken into account by PC, Seflcare Portal, CM. As a rule, a set of such "important" parameters is rarely more than 40 pieces.

Data Integrity

The data in the information warehouse comes from a variety of sources, where they may have different names, attributes, units, and coding methods. After loading into Avante DMP the data is cleared of individual attributes, i.e., as if reduced to a common denominator.

Time invariance

Temporal invariance of data is achieved by fixing time attributes in conjunction with the data fed into the system. As a result, records in the system are snapshots of data made at certain time intervals. This feature makes their further processing more convenient.
System architecture

The data warehouse building approach used in Avante DMP for integration of heterogeneous data sources is fundamentally different from the approach of dynamic integration of heterogeneous databases.

The system performs normalization, unification and integration of heterogeneous data in a single storage. Data can come from the repository of historical information, operational databases (CRM, Billing, Service Desk, Inventory, etc.) and external sources.

Based on the results of processing, Avante DMP puts the data into "showcases". Showcase is a set of axes and data for further processing by BI tools. Usage of BI tools allows to add columns from the showcases in real time, so client can build visual forms of reports and change their format on their own. Avante DMP includes a basic tool for building and displaying reports. This tool can be used together with complex BI systems.

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