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Avante SP

Management system for interaction with equipment and external resources


Avante SP (Service Provisioning) equipment management system is an intermediate platform between the Billing System and control resources (for example, switching equipment used in the operator's network). The system's primary goal is to organize effective interaction between Billing and control resources when a subscriber's service status or access parameters change.

Using Avante Service Provisioning in a telecom operator enables the company to provide a quick and dependable system for delivering managed services to customers. The system is actively used in distributed networks of large federal and regional operators and supports cluster scaling.

Key features

Command testing

The system allows pre-testing of command execution on switching equipment and performs all debugging procedures and tests

Plugins library

Our ready-to-use plug-in library includes solutions for over 200 equipment from well known vendors and various custom solutions.


The system enables you to automate the monitoring of all critical processes, as well as control and analyze historical data.


The system has the ability to configure necessary checks and algorithms for system actions in the event of an emergency failure or hardware failure to perform a specific command.

Distributed network

The system has been well-proven in large operator distributed networks as an industrial fault-tolerant solution that supports a distributed architecture.

Plugin development

The ability to develop plugins and change configuration independently allows you to expand system functionality without relying on a vendor.

Hardware Management

Enable and disable services in real time, as well as run bulk management commands that have been pre-programmed.

Customer service improvement

The system allows for real-time polling and management of the equipment, greatly simplifying the work of the customer care and technical services departments and reducing customer service time.
System architecture

The solution includes a modern "thin" interface that allows the user interface to be ergonomically and functionally configured during implementation to suit a variety of operational tasks. The ability to configure desktops allows company specialists to make all of its settings in the future.

The system's various layouts allow for high fault tolerance and the avoidance of control command loss due to individual component failures. In each project, the final configuration of the solution is developed individually with the customer. It considers a wide range of conditions, including the operator's activity, equipment fleet, used systems and their capabilities, volume of sent commands, operating personnel qualification, and so on. Avante SP contains several functional blocks:

  • Command receiving block
    Used to receive control commands from external information systems, such as billing, inventory systems, the integration bus or CRM-systems.
  • Command execution block
    Used for executing control commands on a particular hardware instance. The distributed scheme of work with regional outlets is supported.
Avante SP Scheme

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