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Avante WFM

Powerful Workforce Management System


Avante WFM is a tool for managing your own and third-party human resources, such as independent installers or individual crews. The system is required for planning of human resources in connection with the business processes of the company, further monitoring of tasks execution, processing, and operative correction of planned tasks.

This system can be used to control and manage both the company's own resources and those of independent contractors. The work begins with the unification and typification of the resources involved and ends with the control of their fulfillment of the declared KPI.

Key features

Efficiency Control

Control the efficiency of existing business processes with customizable algorithms for automatic KPI control. If a target KPI is rejected, the system creates an automatic notification to the head of the department.


Ability to perform typification of performers, both individuals and teams. The system allows to group them according to various parameters (qualification level, type of work performed, territorial location, etc.).

Resource accounting

The system allows you to keep track of resources in the context of individual employees, as well as combining them into teams. It is possible to link various additional parameters to each resource, allowing their typing and various groupings.


The system provides a flexible resource scheduling interface that takes into account the binding of objects, the availability of free resources and declared SLAs. In case of force majeure, the system allows you to reschedule resources automatically or manually.

Task control

Monitoring of performed tasks is conducted both automatically by configured KPIs, and manually by the direct supervisor, the system uses the color-coded tasks for which there may be a violation of the declared SLA.

KPI control

The control of timely performance of the assigned tasks is performed on the basis of the specified KPIs. If they are violated, the system will notify the employees concerned, allowing them to intervene in time and correct the situation before the stated SLAs are violated.

Performer's interface

To document the fact of work on the field (customer address), the system provides a mobile interface installer, allowing him to record on the spot the fact of connecting or repairing equipment and consumables spent on the job.

Job plan

As a result of job scheduling, each installer or foreman receives a visualized job plan. This is done either as a set of work orders or as a list of tasks in the installer's interface. As soon as these tasks are completed, he marks its status.

Work Order Generation

The formation of work orders is performed automatically with grouping by executors. The work orders provided to the performer contain all the information necessary to perform the order (address, customer's notes, etc.).
System architecture

Avante WFM usage provides the company with continuous monitoring and cost optimization of the use of available or attracted resources required to fulfill the company's objectives. In terms of global architecture, the system works in close cooperation with Avante BPM and is usually linked to the current business processes of the company. However, the system can also be used separately in integration with the client's external IT environment.

Avante WFM receives installation or service repair tasks from CRM, BPM or SD company, performs the necessary scheduling of available resources and generates the necessary set of documents for work execution and receipt of consumables by the team. To do this, the system makes a request to the warehouse system for the availability of the required amount of these materials.

To record the results of work at the client's site, an appropriate mobile app is often used by the installer. Both the location (geolocation) and time of service provision, as well as connection parameters important for the acceleration of the business process, are recorded. After the work is completed and the result is recorded, the system transfers the task to the BPM system for its further implementation by various services of the company.

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