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Avante CM

Campaign Management / Real-time marketing assistance and promotion management system


Avante CM expands the capabilities of the core products Avante CRM and Avante PC, and it simplifies key sales processes through dynamic offer personalization and intelligent management of cross-selling processes, as well as providing the company's marketing department with an up-to-date customer profile.

Based on these characteristics, the system creates a dynamic offer display and chooses tailored offers for each customer in real time.

Key features

Golden record

A set of attributes that uniquely identify a customer and allow the system to make quick decisions and provide relevant offers to that customer. A profile is made up of 30 to 40 attributes that are both set and derived based on customer experience analysis.

Flexy objects

Dynamic pop-up interface elements that provide the operator the relevant offers for the customer, the history of interaction, and the ability to record the customer's reaction to the offers. Flexy objects can be activated by a variety of events or actions.


The ability to add and adapt display rules for any set of parameters associated with various system entities such as counterparty, contract, subscriber application, service, and additional service. Customizable parameters can hold both service information and data that will be utilized in the future.

Bundle offers

Flexible rules for bundling offers, customizing compatibility and availability of supplied services, and binding products to distinct customer groups (e.g., by territory) or unique predetermined subscriber segments are all available.


The system allows to create personalized offers for each customer in real time. Using this tool allows to increase the average bill and increase customer loyalty.

Data enrichment

The system collects and analyzes additional marketing data, which can be used in other systems, for reporting and analysis of information and making forecasts.
How it works
Customer's request
When a customer contacts the company, the system automatically requests information on them (for example, in online banking, personal account, application).
Customer Profile analysis
The customer is instantaneously segmented by the CM system, which evaluates their profile, current products, interests, wants, and a variety of other factors.
Making an offer
Based on the customer's information and the theme of the customer request, the system makes a customized offer to the customer in real time.
Sending an offer
Display offers on a CRM storefront or self-service site, or distribute them to customers automatically via push or SMS alerts.

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