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Sales & Marketing BSS

Increase sales and revenue by implementing products for sales automation, real-time marketing, and customer satisfaction management

Customer Relationship Management

Client-centric multifunctional CRM platform for automation of business processes of sales and interaction with the client

Product Catalog

Centralized storage of information about the services and products of the company

Campaign Management

Real-time marketing assistance and promotion management system that simplifies key sales processes

Selfcare Portal

Flexible and powerful self-service portal (personal account) for subscribers and partners

Data Management Platform

Centralized data storage for analytics and reporting with advanced marketing tools and user profiling

Loyalty Management

Flexible platform for creating and managing customer loyalty programs


Discover the full range of Avante products to maximize the efficiency of your business

Core BSS

Avante Core BSS products are designed for revenue management, business process management and workforce management

Avante OSS

Equipment and infrastructure management systems, used by operators to manage their communications networks

Partner management

Automate processes and improve the efficiency of work with partners and agents

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