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Avante Billing

Convergent billing system that supports business processes of telecom operators and other businesses regardless of scale.


Avante Billing is a convergent billing system which fully supports business processes of telecom operators and other businesses regardless of scale. Our solution is fully tested and certified for 25 million active telecom subscribers. It’s based on modern technologies and modular architecture and covers a full range of services.

It’s a serious tool for balanced package offers and telecommunication services. In addition to charging/billing services and traffic, the system provides flexibility and quality of mutual settlements with subscribers, rolling-out all kinds of loyalty programs, launching market enabling a quick response to the competition.

For a modern telecom operators' IT infrastructure, Avante BSS is the infrastructure core. Its flexible interfaces integrate all telco's systems like CRM, SD, financial subsystem etc.

For corporate customers Avante Billing system provides functionality which significantly optimizes costs of B2B services and provides full range corporate service features.

Key features


Modern providers require simultaneous billing, record-keeping and accounting for services that include different models: prepaid, pay-as-you-go and credit.

Batch Billing

The best possible solution for telcos providing a bundled service portfolio. It is possible to provide services in packages to large partners, establishing a balance of demand for the services that are offered.


As we operate in different countries and interact with numerous partners in other countries, there is a need for settlements in different currencies. A combination of multiple settlement options makes it reality.


Since the services provided are multi-balance, provider is able to set up complex options for the allocation and consumption of subscriber charges in relation to different services, building a hierarchy between and defining the rules for prioritizing top-ups.

Bills and Payments

The invoice builder allows you to customize the required forms with the possibility of customization for clients and services. Automate incoming payments with API integration with payment systems.


Built-in capabilities for generating various reports within the system, as well as uploading the required data sets to external systems, such as: ERP, CRM, Accounting, Financial monitoring and others.

Bonuses and Accumulators

The business advantage is the setting up in the accumulator system of objects for accounting and control with the accumulation of indicators separately. The use of customizable accumulator thresholds occurs in bonus programs with the ability to accrue bonuses.


Avante Billing system uses a smooth-piece model, which has proven itself perfectly for western producers. The method contains an extensive range of features supporting various billing schemes. The flexibility of tariff plan settings in the user-friendly interface and storage version support contributes to the rapid introduction of unique offers to the market with full history.

Flexible System Parameters

The billing system allows adding and customizing parameter display rules for arbitrary set, counterparty system connection, contracts, subscriber applications, basic and additional services. Customizable parameters contain service and technical parameters of information units required for working with data information and calculated parameters, statuses, etc.
System architecture

Avante Convergent Billing system is a set of functional modules. The modular architecture provides any customer with an individual set of modules to implement business processes running at the current moment with and build-up the capabilities for growing of the company and the range of services.

The most important feature of the system architecture is the load of multithreaded critical processes and the possibility of their physical distribution on separate servers. The system is horizontally scalable by clasters.

The system provides all necessary APIs for for smooth into the existing IT-infrastructure. It fully enables the integration with business applications and service platforms.

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