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Avante PRM

Universal and flexible Partner Relationship Management System


Avante PRM is the system for structuring the interaction with multiple partners, which is characterized by: transparency, manageability, clear terms of partner interaction, automation of partner services factual accounting, implementation of sophisticated schemes of mutual settlements based on the constructor, organization of partner's mutual settlements reconciliation and generation of reports in automatic mode.

Key features


If there are several partners working in the same territory, the first priority is to rank and prioritize in order to distribute orders automatically. There is a rating system for this purpose, which motivates partners to do a better job of fulfilling orders.


Sophisticated compensation schemes and proper calculation are becoming more in demand, because nowadays the percentage of income most partners are often not satisfied with. One of the decisive conditions is the quality of performance and the final result.


In some cases it's necessary to apply the procedure of penalties for the transfer of an order for execution and/or poor performance. For example, this may be the case if the service has abandoned the company with a popular brand in the market.


Online reporting helps control the most important indicators of the provider company observing the balances in partners' warehouses, the number of fulfilled partners' orders, the effectiveness of sales outlets, and the quality level of partner staff training.


Functionality for routing orders with the possible configuration and collection with a single entry point. For example, it can be a marketplace website or call center to transfer to the performer or to a regional 3rd level partner in the automatic mode.

EDR processing

The system collects and structures complex data regarding past events - for example executed orders from different sources directly from partners IT platforms. Remuneration calculation is performed in the EDR Avante PRM.

Remuneration calculation

The system supports sophisticated and combined calculation systems for partner remuneration with or without fulfilled or unfulfilled sales plans. Compensation schemes can be set up in a developed designer GUI.

Document workflow

The system produces a set of documents, part of which allows you to provide the partner with the necessary documentation for services provided to end users. Another part is a package of documents for mutual partner settlements.

Reconciliation procedure

The partner companies need to reconcile and calculate a fee based on the results of the activity. If discrepancies are found, they are necessarily analyzed and corrected. If this cannot be done, it will be necessary to calculate the average value of the discrepancies.
System architecture

The Avante PRM system is often used as separate and independent product, integrated with external information sources in with file exchange and APIs. The system user interface is a thin client, where DBMS solutions from different vendors are applied with selection based on project tasks.

The modular structure of Avante PRM allows to flexibly use the functionality in different variants if necessary:

  • Analyze impressive data sets from an intellectual perspective
  • Generate reports or prepare showcases for BI systems
  • Expand the structure of data accounting by means of customizable parameters
  • Implement various complex algorithms for mutual settlements
  • Set up the procedure for controlling changes in key indicators automatically
Avante PRM Scheme

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