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Avante OCS

Universal Online Charging System


Avante OCS is a powerful solution for real-time balance control and billing of services provided, as well as their management. It supports Prepaid, Postpaid, and hybrid models, giving operators the flexibility they need to tailor their pricing plans to meet the needs of their subscribers.

One of the key features of Avante OCS is its support for bonus and discount balances, which enables operators to create complex and personalized tariff plans for their subscribers. Additionally, the system's flexible subscriber funds quota function allows for the simultaneous consumption of multiple services on a single subscriber balance, preventing "deficit" even when several services are being used simultaneously. This feature helps operators to significantly reduce their risk of receivables when working with high-risk customer categories.

Key features


Work on 3G, GSM, LTE, 5G, etc. networks and support of CAMEL and DIAMETER protocols.


High system efficiency and system fault tolerance with full redundancy.


Billng seconds, bytes, units, VAS services. Support of billing by tariff grids, roaming connections, including billing of bundled offers.


Horizontal platform scaling without service interruption.


Support for all billing schemes, tokens, packages, and bundles.

Favorite numbers

Support of "favorite numbers", special and system numbers with individual billing.


Support for monetary and material balances at the service and contract level, and multi-balance at the service and contract level. Ability to prioritize the expenditure of monetary and material balances.


Equal balancing of subscriber's funds between services, synchronization of data with offline billing.

Service control

The ability to instantly block/unblock services when you reach a certain balance without the possibility for a subscriber to go into technical deficit.
System architecture

All system components are separated and redundant, these requirements are due to high fault tolerance requirements for the systems of this class and complexity. And the redundancy is performed both on the software level and on the "hardware" level.

Avante OCS can be integrated with the billing system to improve efficiency, increase customer service, and overall system usability. The system receives all the necessary set of reference information used in the billing process from the billing system. Information about the billed completed connections is sent back to the system.

The use of the In-Memory Data Grid (Hazelcast) allows directories (rate plans, services, balance configurations, etc.) and variable data (reserves, variable balances, etc.) to be stored online. The system architecture supports both vertical and horizontal scalability, allowing you to increase system performance without any limitations.

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