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Avante Selfcare Portal

Flexible and powerful self-service portal (personal account) for subscribers and partners


Avante Selfcare Portal is a cutting-edge self-service portal that enables customers to execute a variety of administrative tasks for the services they use on their own. The platform enables complete customization of the system for the needs of the organization, providing customers with the most comprehensive range of self-service alternatives.

The ability of Avante Selfcare Portal to perform under tremendous load and tolerate one-time bursts of subscriber activity is an important feature. The system, which has over one million subscribers, is installed in a cluster configuration to handle peak loads and eliminate service outages.

Key features

All in one place

All the information you need for convenient self-service is in one place: contact information, linked packages and services and their current statuses, account balances, both monetary and real (bonus).

Display of offers

Displays the deals offered to any specific customer from the company. These offers are generated by the systems Avante PC and Avante CM, and the set of available offers can change depending on the actions of the customer.

Management of services

A customer can control their own products and services, both those that are currently connected and those that are accessible for connection or purchase. For example, a user can independently connect a package of services required for international travel (roaming).

Payment acceptance

Avante Seflcare Portal is compatible with a variety of online payment systems. Payments are received and credited in real time.

Financial information

Displaying the history of the company's financial relationships with the customer. It could be bills, invoices, payments history or transations.


Detailed information regarding a subscriber's use of services. The data can be shown in the subscriber's personal account interface or distributed as a file through e-mail.
System architecture

The system is built to handle high loads and a big number of subscribers. For optimum fail-safety, the system is constructed using technologies that allow the load on the subscriber self-service portal to be distributed equally. One major difference in this method is that both subscriber authorization routing and load balancing on individual pieces combined in a cluster are fully automated.

Avante Selfcare Portal Scheme

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