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Avante CRM

Enterprise Customer Relationship Management system


Avante CRM is a client-centric multifunctional platform designed to centralize customer data management and improve the quality of service and customer loyalty. The system gather and analize the history of interaction with customers and other related information to build targeted offers.

The area of the system application is the automation of business processes of sales and interaction with the client. Using Avante CRM allows building and optimizing business processes of customer service to maximize results.

Key features


The system allows you to create flexible rules for bundling offers, to customize the compatibility and availability of the services offered, to create products that are linked to different subscriber groups (for example, by territory) or to individual pre-generated segments.


Customize the output of only those offers that are available and recommended to the final customer. After identifying the final customer in the Avante system, Avante PC generates and provides the salesperson with a ready set of offers in the form of a Flash object to be offered to the customer

Loyalty programs

The ability to seamlessly configure bonus and discount programs, which are the rules for accruing certain bonuses, or providing discounts when the threshold values of the batteries are reached. Supported bonuses can be both tangible and monetary.

Customizable system parameters

The system allows to add and configurate display rules for an optional set of parameters. These parameters are linked to different system entities, such as counterparty, contract, subscriber application, service, and additional service.

Collecting and aggregating data

Increase the efficiency of collecting and analyzing information about potential clients, followed by segmentation of the client base and preparation of targeted offers. Consider the level of customer satisfaction with the services provided to reduce churn and increase LTV.

Organization and control of sale channels

Monitoring of all sales and service processes in one system with the ability to analyze effectiveness and make changes in a timely manner. The manager's interface allows you to control all important metrics and get reports on schedule or on demand.
System architecture

CRM-systems are a grouped set of consolidated information about the client, necessary for its operational services and operates according to the principle of "one window", i. e., all the information necessary for decision-making is given to the seller in a single structured form.

Avante CRM allows to customize the display parameters independently in the form and sequence suitable for the company's sales department. This feature significantly increases the speed and quality of customer service and, therefore, has an impact on their loyalty.

Using the Avante CRM together with Avante Product Catalog allows to display in the interface a personalised list of offers available to the given customer. Also, when integrated with a call center, the system allows you to automatically open a customer card when the caller is identified by the incoming number.

Avante CRM Scheme

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