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Avante IBS

Inter-operator settlement management system


Avante Interconnect Billing System is designed for automation of inter-operator billing settlements between different tier operators. The system is a serious tool for building a comprehensive inter-operator reporting both with upstream and downstream.

This system enables a modern telecom operator to conduct flexible and high-quality mutual settlements with its partners, and to launch competitive market offers. A flexible integration interface provides a high-quality connection to external reporting systems used by the operator.

Key features

Tariff setting

The system allows adding and adjusting flexible tariffing rules at any time, while fixing the date of change in case of retariffing.


Ability to rollback all executed processes, reissue invoices for the period, considering the clarifications and changes made. Thus, the system allows to perform a complete retariffication based on the data obtained during the preliminary stage.

Margin calculation

The system performs statistical analysis of data on the volume of calls and their cost characteristics and calculates the profitability of destinations.

Reporting and analytics

Consolidated analytical reporting and statistical analysis of the attractiveness of individual areas usage with the ability to automatically upload data to the external systems for deep analysis.

Financial module

Issuing bills for consumption and counter bills for reconciliation with operators and the ability to accept different types of payments and maintain a partner's balance in the system.


To simplify the loading processes and reconfiguration of matrixes, a specialized interface is used to perform this in mass processing mode.
System architecture

Avante IBS is an independent system that uses a separate DBMS instance. Since such systems are required to deal with large amounts of data, the processes are oriented to mass data processing in multi-threaded modes.

Additional system convenience is the ability to repeatedly perform the operation of linking and relinking the downloaded traffic, iterative work on tariffing and reconciliation, tools for finding and eliminating discrepancies. With the system it is possible to bill both independently and by uploading all the necessary data to an external system.

The system has a standard API that allows to quickly integrate the system into the existing infrastructure. This applies both to integrating with the business applications in use, and to the various technical platforms through which the customer service is provided.

Avante IBS Scheme

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