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Avante Loyalty

Platform for creating and managing loyalty programs.


Avante Loyalty allows creating and managing loyalty programs. Design and launch attractive loyalty programs and campaigns aimed at building long-term relationships with your customers.

The solution integrates with other Avante products and extends the capabilities of other systems with additional tools for handling customer loyalty programs.

Using advanced rewards and customer motivation programs as a part of your marketing strategy gives your company easy-to-use tools for managing customer loyalty and increasing revenues.

Key features

Status Model

Customizable set of statuses, conditions and rules of transition between them.

Periodic and event driven processing

Flexible customization of the processing and calculation rules.

Working with partners

Use partner offers as a tool to create your own bonus program

Bonus offers constructor

The visual interface of the administrator contains the bonus offers designer that allows you to create new offers quickly without involving IT-specialists.

Reporting system

The product allows you to create reports of different depth and detail periodically or by request. A special report designer is used for customization.

Moving points

It is possible to transfer points between clients, and also to convert points in a monetary balance or services of the company.
System architecture

Avante Loyalty is a part of the modular Avante OSS/BSS solution and integrates seamlessly into the IT landscape, extending the capabilities of the platform. The system supports the use of multiple sources and data loading from both Avante products and external systems.

System results (ratings, scores, ranks, levels, etc.) can be retrieved from any external systems with support for online (REST calls, event bus) and offline (files, database) uploads.

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