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Avante Mediation

Prebilling system for collecting and pre-analyzing statistics.


Avante Mediation is a system for collecting, preparing, filtering, unifying and enriching traffic. By traffic we mean information reflecting the consumption of certain services by customers. Systems of this type are used by telecom operators (CDR), the banking sector (transactions), energy/utility companies (data from meters) and other companies selling third-party services and performing independent settlements with subscribers.

The system supports a large set of rules, allowing both to filter unnecessary or service traffic, and to enrich the data by various additional information required for further processing (to put billing zones, labels of belonging to a particular group, etc.).

Key features

Data filtering

Cleans incoming data from service information, controls errors and duplicates. Data validation and discarding of invalid and untargeted entries is performed during filtering.

Data Aggregation

Used in case of collecting traffic in a highly detailed format. As a rule, such detail is not required for billing and in this case, the traffic must be aggregated to the required value.

Introduction of new network elements

The system allows you to quickly and efficiently commission new elements and nodes in the operator's network. There is a possibility of preliminary equipment testing before putting it into operation to verify whether the data it transmits is correct and complete.

Flexible configuration

Extensive capabilities for installing and configuring sets of collection and processing of statistics, as well as monitoring their status using the system interface installed in the central unit.

Collecting and processing statistics

The system enables correct collection and processing of statistics collected from distributed devices of different manufacturers.


Health monitoring of all major components of the system and notification the administrator when a failure occurs. All collected information is automatically processed.
System architecture

Avante Mediation is a complex multi-component solution consisting of a set of basic functional modules. These modules allow to form different functional content to build solutions of different complexity.

The system supports multi-threaded data processing that allows processing large arrays of incoming data, transforming them in the required way and in case of necessity aggregating them to the required volume. Traffic processing rules are set using an interface and are intuitive.

Avante Mediation Scheme

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