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Avante BPM

Business Process Management and Automation system


Avante BPM is a software solution for automating enterprise business processes. Automation of business processes through an ordering system allows you to flexibly generate content and steps for each customer. When performing these operations, documents of a certain type can be generated (e.g., invoices, work orders, etc.), subscriber services can be connected and disconnected, and internal system parameters can be changed.

The Order designer allows you to design a chain of movements for any business process of an enterprise. The two main components of Avante BPM are Docflow and Workflow.

The ability to route a document between performers in accordance with predefined requirements, with the ability to configure the control of predefined KPIs. This changes the stage of the document lifecycle depending on its current position in the route.
The mechanism that allows transferring orders from one process participant to another according to a predefined route. At the same time, accompanying documents can be transmitted along with the order. An order is a document containing information about the work to be performed.
Key features

Business Process Designer

A tool for independent modeling of business processes of any complexity and structure. The system can both use the data accumulated in the ACP and request information from external sources.

The solution uses the Camunda platform with full support for BPMN 2.0 notation.

KPI Tracking

The system has the ability to add control of various KPI on the state of the order. It can be such parameters as controlling the time of execution of one or another stage of the business process and forming a corresponding message if it is exceeded by the users above the specified parameter.

Business-processes library

As part of the system delivery, the client is given access to a library ready-made business processes based on our experience. Most of our customers choose ready-made processes and adapt them to the needs of their business.


The user can monitor all important business process metrics in real time. With the Dashboard, the employee responsible for the quality of the business processes performs periodic monitoring and, if necessary, intervenes in the process.

Customizable interface

The designer used for setting up the interface allows you to add optional parameters and directories, thereby adapting the system to constantly changing market requirements. It is also possible to bind customizable printed forms of documents to any state of the order.


Avante BPM has unlimited possibilities of integration due to its open structure and extensive customizable API.

Solution is Low-code due to Camudna platform and Avante advanced business process customization platform

System architecture

In most cases Avante BPM takes the central position and is actively used to build business processes, its flexible integration interface allows you to organize quality joints with other systems (CRM, Billing, ServiceDesk, technical accounting, financial system, etc.).

The solution is highly productive and performs all necessary processes at the same time without losing the declared speed. The system logs all activities and allows you to analyze this information in a convenient way for user training and optimization of complex processes. The latter is necessary when it is the task of fulfilling business processes according to the declared KPI.

Avante BPM can be used to interact with the entire IT environment used in the company. In this case, the order can automatically address various external systems to obtain the necessary information to move to the next stage of processing. These orders result in so-called "end-to-end" business processes.

Avante BPM scheme

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